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We are a digital media & production agency. We are committed to meeting your company’s needs.

Ball Entertainment is on a mission to create content that tells compelling stories by and for African Americans. The company, founded by a women of color, speaks to the need to tell the stories that we all need to hear.  


We are in the mist of making history and during this climate of economic upheaval, the pandemic, and black lives matter movements, it is an important time for us to continue telling our stories and shaping our future. The power is in our hands to create our narrative and tell our stories in a compelling way.  


Ball Entertainment is taking an innovative approach with a focus on the acquisition and production of film. Our content represents a mixture of genre’s which includes digital ads, commercials, scripted dramas, documentaries, comedies, web series, talk shows and movies. We are also a company that focuses on the business of Filmmaking, working on a range of private and commercial projects.  


We have assembled a dynamic team with a mindset for perfection that leads to success. Ball Entertainment is a fast growing company and our success is attributed to our set of core values which includes diversity, inclusion, passion and perfection. We work collectively with shared visions and take pride in developing close community ties and building long term relationships.

Production Team Meeting



We work closely with our clients through Pre-production meetings to learn about their business,

message, and primary business objectives for the project.

Film Production



During the production phase, we actually shoot the video on location or in the studio. Our crew shoots with hi-def video that meets high industry standards.

Video Editing

Post Production


During the post production stage, we perform the necessary tasks to insure a flawless project. This is the stage that we deliver the project in different formats.

Video Blogger

Other Services


We offer a comprehensive list of services which includes recruitment, marketing and can discuss special packages.

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