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Over 15 years of combined production & editing experience

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Latasha Ball is an experienced video and film producer who makes engaging content for both commercial and artistic purposes. She studied Film and Television at Clark Atlanta University and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her career started while she was in college and when she produced her first production titled “Fresh Meat”, a film that highlighted the trials and tribulations of freshmen life on a college campus. Latasha has a special flare and her style of filmmaking can be described as colorful and trendy.  

Latasha’s creativity lends to various styles including creating music videos, documentaries, and short films. Her first short movie was titled “EvoL” a romantic comedy that focused on a budding relationship that turned sinister. Latasha’s first scripted drama was a series titled Dr. Love, which featured a series of short stories from the perspective of a psychologist. Latasha’s projects sometimes mirror real life situations which propelled her to create “Doom Dates”, a funny satire that chronicled the dating lives of singles in Atlanta. Doom Dates was instrumental in providing a group of over 30 local Atlanta artist the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. Some of the actors and actresses featured in her series landed roles in major productions including Love and Hip Hop and on other segments.  

There is also a serious side to Latasha, her love for humanities, and mirror some of the life challenges encountered by African American people, she created a documentary titled “Without Fathers”, which highlighted the dramatic impact that are experienced from a generation of young people that are growing up in families without a father figure.   


Latasha’s skills enables her to take a concept from idea to script to planning, shooting and editing.  She has the ability to create a flawless project from start to finish.  With her business, BTV streams it is her passion to continue to share her perspective, in front of the camera, with powerful films and videos that tells a story, creates artistic flare and provides her the opportunity continue sharing her craft and creativity.  


Latasha is focused and driven on building BTV Streams into a powerhouse where she can continue to share her creativity with the world and create stories that matter. She is currently working with The Women’s entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc. creating digital ads, videos that continue to highlight women. She has inspires others with her Youtube channel “Positive Messages” sending positivity out to hundreds of subscribers.  

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